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Kidnapper: I know the value of my victims

Kidnapper: I know the value of my victims

Court news Alleged kidnap kingpin, Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans in a video played during his trial in an Ikeja High Court recently said from a short distance, he can estimate the financial value of his victims. Newsmen report that the video was played in the courtroom during the cross-examination of the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) […]

Family lawyers in Nigeria: Myth or reality

Having attorneys retained by families as ‘family lawyers’ may be viewed as a means of attaining the divinely ordained equal justice for all. But delays in the justice system, poverty, and low awareness are among the factors that could hamper the use of family lawyers in Nigeria. Professor C.J. Amasike, chairman of the International Dispute […]

Again, Fake Lawyer nabbed in Lagos Court

Detectives in Lagos have exposed a fake lawyer who had been operating at Ojo Magistrate’s Court for three years. Police spokesman, Chike Oti, identified the suspected fake lawyer as Mr. Uche Julian Nwajiakwu. According to him, the arrest of Nwajiakwu by officers at Ojo Division, on May 25, marks the second time a fake lawyer […]

Show your clients, associates, and the court that you’ve got yourself

Whether you are working in a corporate setting or have hung your wig You need to show your clients, associates, and the court that you’ve got yourself together.#WigandGown#NigerianLawSchool#NLSEnugu#NLSKano#NLSBayelsa#NLSAbuja#NLSLagos#NLSYola#Ghana#Gambia#Zambia#Australia#London#Lagos#Nigeria#princesslegalworld #thelawyersplace#legalgown #wig#gowns#lawyers#barristers#calltobar#counselwig #wigandgown #law#lawyerlife #nigerialawschool#legal#attorney#lawyer #justice#supremecourt#lawfirm#lawlibrary #instalawyer #legally #defence#innoncentuntilprovenguilty #felony#lawschoolProbs #lawschoolgraudate Please follow and like us:0 20 20 20

National Judicial Council

About the Council The National Judicial Council is one of the Federal Executive Bodies created by virtue of Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In order to insulate the Judiciary from the whims and caprices of the Executive; hence guarantee the independence of this Arm of Government, which is a sine qua non for […]

Court of Appeal (COA)

(Hears appeals from the judgments of) Federal High Court The High Court of State The High Court of Federal Capital The Sharia Court of Appeal The Customary Court of Appeal Abuja States The Court of Conduct Tribunals The Election Tribunal (Particularly, the National Assembly Election Tribunals) COA has original jurisdiction as Court of First Instance (COFI) in […]

Supreme Court of Nigeria

Brief History of Supreme Court of Nigeria The coinage Supreme Court was first used in 1863 by the colonial administration through the enactment of the Supreme Court Ordinance No. II which established it as a colony with civil and criminal jurisdiction. In 1963, following the proclamation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the constitution which came into operation […]

Why do Nigerian Lawyers wear Wigs and black Gowns?

Ever wondered why Nigerian lawyers wear those black robes/gowns and white wigs when they appear in court? Well wonder no more, this blog is going to explain the strange history behind the practice. After the British colonized Nigeria, we adopted the same legal system and by extension all the paraphernalia that came with it. One […]

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