Sale of Legal Wigs and Gowns

Princess Legal World is the leading provider of legal wig and gown attire in Nigeria. We stock the finest quality wigs and regalia, tailored to personally fit.

With a range of gowns, jackets and accessories, we strive to provide our customers with top quality products and services and staying ahead of the times, finding technological advancements in our materials to maximise the comfort of legal regalia. Our junior gowns and jackets are made of comfortable material, making them light, breathable and durable; suitable for both warmer and cooler weather.

Our customers barely have to wait for their deliveries, owing to our abundant stock and unsurpassed customer service. We always ensure that items are dispatched efficiently and punctually.

Library Furnishing

At Princess Legal World, we offer top rated quality furniture and equipment solutions to libraries. We pride ourselves on knowledge, service and product variety. We handle both full library projects and just shelving a few racks. We also help with providing Shelving, Carts, Racks , Stands, End Panels & Canopy Tops, Displays & Storage, and Technical Furniture, Seating, Tables, Study Carrels, Bookcases, Office & Staff Areas/Meeting Rooms and Library Material Returns.

Library Cataloging

We provide library cataloging services using international standards. We process spine labels, security & RIFD tags and update item records in an automated library system.

Barrister Wig Mending/Repairs

We expertly clean or repair your wigs when you need it. While the wig renovation or repairs is going on, we offer to rent a wig for you to use at discounted prices.

Business Registration

We offer business registration services for start-ups and for companies that need to diversify their current business and require a new company to do so. Whether you only need a business name or a limited liability company, we can help you. In addition, if you need to convert your business name to a limited liability company, we can also help. People or Groups that need to register a Church, Association or Clubs will also find that we are the best company to deal with.

Supplies & General Contractors

We are suppliers of both office, industrial and domestic goods to both public and private sector organizations.

Supply of Costumes to Schools

Schools that have career day programs for their pupils or students can buy all their needs for the professional days. Whether they needs costumes for future Medical Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Pilots, Captains, Pharmacist, Lawyers etc, we supply their needs.