3 Benefits of Plea Bargain in Criminal Justice system

For many years. the use of plea bargain in Nigeria criminal justice system has been a controversial topic. Some school of thought opine that it can be an effective tool for reducing the backlog of cases in the court, and providing quicker resolutions to criminal cases, others express concern that it might be subject to abuse and injustice.

There are so many benefits of plea bargaining in a criminal justice system, one of which is that it can lead to more efficiency in the use of resources in criminal justice system by letting defendants plead guilty to lesser charges for their cooperation with law enforcement

According to encyclopedia Britanica, Plea bargaining is the primary apparatus through which judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys cooperate and work together toward their individual and collective goals. The primary benefit of plea bargaining for both the prosecution and the defense is that there is no risk of complete loss at trial. In cases in which evidence for or against a defendant is questionable, bargains may represent a feasible way for the attorneys to minimize their potential losses by settling on a mutually acceptable outcome. Plea bargaining can also be a way for the courts to preserve scarce resources for the cases that need them most.

Prosecutors benefit from plea bargains because the deals allow them to improve their conviction rates. Some prosecutors also use plea bargains as a way to encourage defendants to testify against codefendants or other accused criminals.

Plea bargaining allows defense attorneys to increase their efficiency and profits, because they can invest less time on plea-bargained cases. Disposing of cases efficiently is important for both public and private attorneys. Public defenders are sometimes responsible for handling huge caseloads, and private attorneys can make more money by bargaining than by going to trial. When prosecutors issue charges that are arguably unmerited, defense attorneys can use negotiation to achieve charge reductions. Defense attorneys may threaten to file many pretrial motions or to present an exceptionally zealous defense if prosecutors will not cooperate.

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