3 Best Plea bargaining Law books every African law student should own

3rd on the list, examining the concept of plea bargaining under the Nigeria criminal justice system. Plea begins as practiced today in Nigeria was not known or provided for in any Nigeria statues before the Economic and Financial crimes commission was established through the provision of section 1 of the Economic and Financial crimes commission (Establishment) Acts, 2004. Plea bargain was only seen for the first time after the establishment of the commission in 2004 under the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasenjo as the president of Nigeria. The application of plea bargain by the Economic and Financial Crime commission is usually based on the provision of section 14(2) of the enabling law that gives the Commission power to compound any offence punishable under the act of accepting the sum of money. It’s  an appraisal of plea bargaining under Nigeria criminal justice system Paperback  by Rosebells Uviovo

In 2nd position, Application of plea-bargaining in resolving corruption cases in Nigeria has generated hot debate. There is growing concern on the lenient punishments being meted out to high profile individuals and the ability of the judiciary and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission to ensure correspondences between crimes and punishments. It is against this background that this study investigates judicial decisions on corruption cases levied on; Tafa Balogun; Lucky Igbinedon; Diepreye Alaimeisaighia; Cecilia Ibru; and John Yusuf. Also, the study examined the factors determining judicial decisions in high profile cases, the legal status of plea-bargaining, and the moral correctness of the concept in the corruption-ridden-criminal justice system of Nigeria. The study presents legal and sociological arguments against the practice of plea-bargain. It is no other than Plea Bargaining and Judicial Decisions in Nigeria by Aduralere Oluwagbohunmi

The No. 1 plea bargaing law book with a concise review in the commission of crime activates the Nigerian criminal justice system and sets in motion the arrest of offender, investigation of crime and subsequent prosecution. In this era of technology with the attendant consequence of increased cybercrime, the law has fashioned a veritable tool for remorseful defendants to obtain certain concessions, within the ambit of our criminal jurisprudence. This instrumentality of the law is called Plea bargain. Plea bargain under the Nigerian criminal justice system.

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