3 Law Books Not Recommended for Family Lawyers in Nigeria


Family law is a critical area of legal practice that encompasses various issues, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and more. For Nigerian family lawyers and law students, having access to reliable and accurate legal resources is crucial in providing the best legal advice and representation to clients. However, not all law books are created equal, and some may not meet the standards required for family law practice in Nigeria. In this blog article, we will highlight three law books that are not recommended for family lawyers in Nigeria, focusing on the legal system in Nigeria, Nigerian lawyers, and law students.

Outdated Law Books:

Family law is a constantly evolving field, with changes and updates to legislation and case law occurring regularly. Law books that are outdated and do not reflect the latest legal developments may lead family lawyers astray and result in inaccurate advice for clients. As such, it is essential for family lawyers in Nigeria to steer clear of law books that have not been revised or updated to ensure they have the most current and relevant information at their disposal.

Foreign Law Books Not Relevant to Nigerian Law:

Family lawyers in Nigeria should prioritize using legal resources that are specific to the Nigerian legal system. Law books that focus solely on foreign family law or do not take into account the unique laws and regulations in Nigeria may not provide the necessary insights and guidance for family law matters in the country. It is vital for Nigerian family lawyers to seek legal resources that are tailored to the Nigerian legal context to ensure they are well-informed and equipped to handle cases effectively.

Poorly Researched or Unreliable Law Books:

In the legal profession, accuracy and reliability are paramount. Family lawyers in Nigeria should avoid using law books that are poorly researched or lack credible references. Legal resources with insufficient citations or unclear sourcing may lead to incorrect interpretations of the law and weaken a lawyer’s ability to build persuasive arguments in court.


For family lawyers in Nigeria, the importance of relying on trustworthy and up-to-date legal resources cannot be overstated. Law books that are outdated, not relevant to Nigerian law, or lack thorough research can be detrimental to a lawyer’s practice and may compromise the quality of legal advice provided to clients. To ensure the highest level of legal representation and counsel, Nigerian family lawyers should prioritize using life law books that have been authored or reviewed by reputable legal experts, and that specifically focus on Nigerian family law.

By being discerning about the law books they choose to reference, family lawyers in Nigeria can strengthen their legal practice, build credibility, and provide the best possible outcomes for their clients in family law matters.

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