#3 Maritime law books every African law student must read before law school

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles W. Eliot.

As law aspirant that is; you are a student seeking a legal profession as a career. This days, the law has clenched attention and popularity as a good career option, with the advancement in higher education, computer – internet technology one gets ample career opportunities, it has become prestigious to become a lawyer

There is no fixed syllabus or set of skills that one must have to be well versed in the law. To become a successful lawyer one must achieve the following set of skills which will mold him/her. However, there are a couple of basic skills that are required to be a successful lawyer.

One should be a voracious reader because the Legal profession demands steady reading rights from basic law education to legal practice.

The importance of reading is completely incontestable because every aspect of the nation’s economy has its own law governing them Maritime law inclusive.

Voted the best but in no particular order here are the 5 best Marine law books for African lawyers

#1 Admiralty and Maritime Law by Robert Force

This comprehensive publication furnishes bewildering array of maritime law doctrines in a clear, readily perceivable, and concise fashion. It also includes extracts from all the leading cases and statutes are supplemented by expert commentary and references for further reading.

Featured topics:

Maritime jurisdiction torts

Maritime contracts within the cognizance of Admiralty

Problems of Federalism

Admiralty remedies.

The Harter Act and package limitation

Personal injuries and death claims

Law of Maritime Liens

Admiralty and maritime law

#2 Maritime Law by Yvonne Baatz

Considered as the best book for answers about Maritime Law, this is one concise but comprehensive effort to cater quick references to the cases, events and statutes referred to and cited frequently in the practice of admiralty law. It is one of the most reliable and updated maritime law books which review identifiable issues of maritime law and state what black letter rules may be applicable.

Featured Topics:


Conflicts between admiralty law practices

Longshore Act

Pollution and product liabilities

Punitive Damages & Interest

Seamen’s Wage Laws

Marine Insurance

#3 Admiralty and Maritime Law (Hornbook Series Student Edition) 

Widely regarded as the practitioners’ treatise, this admiralty law book is an efficient guide to current practices, recent cases, and the developments concerned. Updated regularly to reflect new events and statutory maritime law, it acts an overview of the history and traditions underlying today’s admiralty law and policies.

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