Call to Bar: Princess legal world offers 45% Discount on all purchase

The Body of Benchers would call successful candidates who passed the Bar Exams into the Nigerian Bar. Those students are not just successful in the examination as set by the Council of Legal Education, they have also been found worthy in character.
The procedure for the Call requires Bar Aspirants (that is the nomenclature for those who are about to be called to the Bar) to possess all their designated lawyer’s attire, such as the lawyer’s wig, legal gowns, collars/ collarette, white shirts, blouses, camisole, black suites and so on.
At the Call ceremony, after the preliminary processions and formalities, the Chairman of the Body of Benchers (or his representative for the Call) would officially Call the Bar Aspirants to the Nigerian Bar by making the ultimate pronouncement: “YOU MAY NOW WEAR YOUR WIG. Donning the Wig signifies that a Bar Aspirant has been called.
At Princess Legal world Limited, our wigs a superior quality white, are crafted out of horsehair, with a frizzed crown and four rows of seven curls at the back.

Take a look at our Barristers’ wig. covers up the half portion of the head, it has curls that are arranged in rows on each side and at the back, and a looped tail at the back. Best used on a hearing trial as you become a qualified barristers once you start practicing in the field.
Appropriate legal dress code is a sign of respect in court proceedings, and in promoting formality inside the courtroom.
Congratulations to our law graduates on your Call to Bar Ceremony holding September 29. We love and celebrate you.
Meanwhile get amazing discount on our legal gowns, books and wigs. Visit us on our website:, Call or WhatsApp: 08023119311. We would be more than happy to clothe you for this beautiful ceremony.
We wish all the Bar Aspirants all the best as they prepare for their call. It’s indeed an epic moment for you all and can’t be compared to anything. Goodluck.

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