Crafting a Legally Sound Landlord and Tenant Agreement in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide


A well-drafted landlord and tenant agreement is the cornerstone of a harmonious and legally compliant relationship between property owners and tenants in Nigeria. This legal document outlines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both parties, helping to prevent disputes and protect their interests. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to write a proper legal landlord and tenant agreement contract, focusing on the Nigerian legal system. Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, Nigerian lawyer, or law student, understanding the key components and considerations of such agreements is essential. Throughout the article, we’ll also incorporate keywords like “legal books,” “law book sellers in Nigeria,” and “law book distributors in Nigeria” to guide you in acquiring relevant legal resources.

  1. Identify the Parties
    • Begin the agreement by clearly identifying the parties involved: the landlord and the tenant. Include their full legal names and contact information, as well as any additional parties, such as property management companies.
  2. Property Description
    • Provide a detailed description of the rental property, including its physical address, unit or apartment number, and any specific features or amenities that are part of the lease agreement.
  3. Terms and Duration
    • Clearly state the duration of the lease, specifying the start and end dates. If it’s a fixed-term lease, outline whether it will automatically renew or require a new agreement after expiration.
  4. Rent and Payment Terms
    • Specify the monthly rent amount and the due date. Include details about the acceptable payment methods, such as bank transfers or checks, and any late fees or penalties for overdue payments.
  5. Security Deposit
    • Outline the amount of the security deposit required, its purpose, and the conditions under which it will be returned to the tenant or withheld for damages or unpaid rent.
  6. Maintenance and Repairs
    • Clarify the responsibilities of both parties regarding maintenance and repairs. Define which party is responsible for routine upkeep and who should be contacted in case of necessary repairs.
  7. Utilities and Services
    • Clearly state which utilities and services are included in the rent and which are the tenant’s responsibility. This may include water, electricity, internet, cable TV, and trash removal.
  8. Tenant Rules and Regulations
    • Include a section outlining specific rules and regulations for the tenant, such as noise restrictions, pet policies, and restrictions on alterations or modifications to the property.
  9. Access and Entry
    • Specify the circumstances under which the landlord or their representatives may enter the property, such as for maintenance or inspections, and provide advance notice requirements.
  10. Termination and Notice
    • Outline the procedures and notice requirements for both the landlord and tenant when terminating the lease. Include any penalties or consequences for early termination.
  11. Legal Compliance
    • Ensure that the agreement complies with Nigerian law and regulations, including the Tenancy Law of the relevant state. Seek legal advice or consult legal resources to stay updated on legal requirements.
  12. Signatures and Witnesses
    • Finally, the agreement should be signed by both parties and dated. It’s advisable to have witnesses present during the signing, though it may not be legally required.


Crafting a proper legal landlord and tenant agreement contract in Nigeria is a crucial step in fostering a transparent and cooperative landlord-tenant relationship. Nigerian lawyers and law students can play a pivotal role in ensuring these agreements adhere to local laws and regulations. By considering the key components outlined in this guide and seeking legal guidance when necessary, landlords and tenants in Nigeria can protect their rights, prevent disputes, and maintain a harmonious living arrangement.

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