International and EU aviation Law: Selected Issues by Elmar Giemulla and Ludwig Weber

Title: International and EU aviation Law: Selected Issues
Author:Elmar Giemulla
Author:Ludwig Weber
Item Weight 2.9 pounds
Hardcover 816 pages
ISBN-10 9041126457
ISBN-13 978-9041126450
Product Dimensions 6.75 x 1.75 x 10 inches
Publisher Kluwer Law International; Slp Edition (October 27, 2011)
Language: English
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#350 in Air & Space Law (Books)
#10,726 in Foreign & International Law
#52,100 in Law (Books)


From the 1784 French police directive requiring prior authorization for balloon flights to the complex international system of standards and recommended practices, certification and licensing that we have today under the Chicago Convention of 1944 and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), aviation law has progressed rapidly in line with advances of technology. Nevertheless, the basic principle of airspace sovereignty – by which each state has exclusive jurisdiction over the airspace above its territory – has remained the underlying foundation of national aviation legislation and international aviation agreements.
This book offers an extraordinary wealth of information, from the ground up, of the law governing and regulating air transport today, with a strong emphasis on international aviation. A team of distinguished authors in the field of aviation law provide a cogent synthesis from which sound legal opinions and strategies of legal action may be confidently built. Among the many topics here in depth are the following:
definition and classification of airspace;
distinction between civil and state aircraft;
air navigation and air traffic control services;
airport charges and overflight charges;
structure of ICAO;
standard-setting functions and audit functions of ICAO;
functions of the International Air Transport Association (IATA);
policy and effects of deregulation and liberalization of air transport policy;
the International Registry for Aircraft Equipment;
air carrier liability regimes and claims procedure;
measures to combat aviation terrorism, air piracy and sabotage; and
the Open Skies Agreements.
This publication cites significant legislation and court rulings, including from the United States and the European Union, where far-reaching measures on market access, competition and passenger rights have set trends for other regions of the world. The special case of Latin America has a chapter to itself. At a time when commercial aircraft have been used as lethal weapons for the first time, aviation law finds itself in the front line of responsibility for maintaining global aviation security.
For these and other reasons, this book will be of great value to the aviation law community, in particular the aviation law practitioner, airline lawyer, government regulator, and academic teacher and researcher of aviation law.

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