Law book reviews on Admiralty law

Today we want to take a Sneak peek into Admiralty law books and reviews

Paucity of literature in the area of maritime law in Nigeria was what motivated the author to embark on this project and as such this book is the author’s attempt to contribute to the bridging of the gap in knowledge in this area of the law. This book is written in simple and understandable English to ensure fluidity of reading. It is presented in such a way as to provide information in the areas of commercial law, carriage of goods by sea, maritime law as well as practical steps in maritime law litigation and related actions. Particular consideration has been given to the study of carriage of dangerous goods by sea, a subject which existing legal literature in Nigeria merely mentioned in passing. Suffice it to say that this book is the first Nigerian legal literature that has explored that subject, taking into consideration our domestic laws and international treaties; most of which are yet to be ratified and domesticated in Nigeria. Though the work has Nigeria as its geographical location it has discussed the subject with comparative analysis of contemporary development in some areas of maritime law; with special reference to the United Kingdom and the United States.

It is the author’s belief that this book, apart from providing practical guide to maritime litigation in Nigeria, would also serve as veritable tool for teaching and studying of maritime law and related courses in Nigerian Universities and other territory institutions and would be immeasurably useful to legal practitioners, members of the bench an research fellows.

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