Law book sellers in Lagos: Celebrating our own

Our guest for today is Adedeji Afolabi. I will I continue to do for the long term – making Impact and securing the future of our dear nation”.

  1. At what point did you decide to be a lawyer?

For me, law is a means to many means. I am a curious, inquisitive, and a social & economic problem solver, I see law as an instrument of social engineering – then I decided to fulfill that dream through it. Also, there is one Late Lawyer Layi-Ladipo, an outstanding personality back then in my Church, several things happened around him which made me resolve to study/practice the profession for a purpose.

  1. Best undergraduate experience

My undergraduate days were quite laden with awesome experience and several responsibilities, I had great colleagues, learned from them all, socialize well, and utilize most opportunities. The fact that I also made it out as an outstanding student is amazing to me despite lots of challenges, one of which is not knowing “how to cram”. But I have since learned that the best lawyer knows how and where to get the law but not necessarily “knowing all the laws”. I also had the opportunity to be tutored by Professor Ademola O. Popoola (a foremost professor of law in Africa) – that for me was the peak of it.

  1. What area of practice do you see yourself post-graduation?

I would like to explore the most uncharted part of legal profession. But for now, I am taking steps to be an Attorney-Mediator & Arbitrator, Telecomms & Tech Law expert, Aviation & Energy Lawyer, and also maximize the digital space for law practice – but law is flexible, so I most likely will do more!

  1. What are you doing differently to make a change?

From the undergraduate days, I have always championed reform in our legal space. I believe the Council of Legal Education & the NBA is the most prominent platforms to effect changes in the profession. So getting my voice out there, I align myself to any cause that seeks for the improvement of legal education and legal practice in the nation. I will continue to do this till we get it right!

  1. Vision for the future

I love human capacity development. Human beings are the greatest assets in the world, and I have always contributed to the personal development of everyone around me. This will I continue to do for the long term – making Impact and securing the future of our dear nation.

Thank you for having me

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