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Book Review (Local)
Title: Women’s Rights in Nigeria
Author: Adeola Babatunde
Item Weight 4.3 ounces
UNSPSC-Code 55101500
Paperback 52 pages
ISBN-10 1291517065
ISBN-13 978-1291517064
Product Dimensions 5.83 x 0.12 x 8.26 inches
Publisher ; null Edition (August 9, 2013)
Language: English
Best Sellers Rank #14,414,625 in Books
Nigerian women are undeniably Nigerians. The status bestow on them, rights and privileges enjoyed by other Nigerians. More so, statistics reveals that they constitute 69,086,302 of Nigeria’s 140,431,790 population. This book examines the enforcement of women’s rights as human rights in Nigeria. In doing this, it considers customs, constitution, laws, policies, courts’ decisions as the court is the last hope of the common man and the place of obligations-imposing international and regional treaties ratified by Nigeria. Also it examines the difficulty of proper balancing of ideals like repressive customs versus societal standards, judicial activism versus Separation of Powers, inadequacy of laws versus non exhaustiveness of laws, international versus local laws supremacy.
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