Lawyering tips: How to make your first day as a law intern a great one

With law interns everywhere starting soon for law school graduates, Princess legal world  thought we should have an open thread about what your best advice is for your first day on the job and subsequently your first week.

We’ve talked about how to build a classy legal attire wardrobe for your law school graduate internship on  

Beyond law books here are our first day on the job tips:


Read the company’s website (if they have one), particularly if they have a “Press” section. Consider Googling further to learn more than just what’s in the press release on their website.

Google your company to see if it’s been in the news or mentioned otherwise. If you haven’t already set up a Google Alert, do it immediately.

Research your contact.  If you have the name of your contact or liaison, search for their name on the company website. You may find mentions in press releases or a bio, but for smaller companies you may just find a listing of responsibilities. You may also consider checking out their LinkedIn or even their Facebook page.

Have a great ready to work and learn attitude

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