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Of all deals on Legal books , The Law of Reinsurance in England and Bermuda offers a comprehensive guide to the law and legal practice of this complex area of law. A definitive reference source for practitioners, it:
Provides a comprehensive analysis of the law and practice of reinsurance
Outlines the nature and purpose of reinsurance
Provides an introduction to the Lloyd’s and London market and the Bermuda market
Looks at the formation of the reinsurance contract
Considers the relationship between the reinsurance contract and original insurance contract
Discusses the interpretation of clauses in reinsurance contracts
Considers the grounds on which a reinsurer might deny liability
Examines the different types of reinsurance contracts, including marine reinsurance contracts, proportional reinsurance contracts and non-proportional reinsurance contracts
Examines other ways of providing protection including financial reinsurance and alternative risk transfer
Investigates the legal nature and duties of an intermediary
Discusses the problems that can arise as a result of conflict of laws issues
Covers procedural issues in reinsurance litigation and arbitration
Looks at the regulation of reinsurance
Includes coverage of the prospect of insolvency and reinsurance liquidations
 Author: Terry O’Neill; Jan Woloniecki
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell U.K.
ISBN: 9781847035554
Published In: October 2010
Format: Hardback
Jurisdiction: Bermuda, U.K

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