Lingard’s Bank Security Documents By Tim Parsons: Book Review

Title: Lingard’s Bank Security Documents
Author:Tim Parsons
Hardcover 634 pages
ISBN-10 1405710594
ISBN-13 978-1405710596
Price: NGN 20000
Publisher Butterworths Law (24 October 2006)
Language: English
About this book:
Now in its fourth edition, “Lingard’s” is the leading textbook on Bank Security Documents. Widely cited, this is a core resource for banking lawyers in-house, in private practice or at the Bar, bankers dealing with security documents or recovery situations and insolvency practitioners. It covers all aspects of the subject matter in detail, including e.g. chapters on guarantees and third-party charges, facility letters, the debenture, fixed and floating charges, covenants, and covers security documents for land, shares, life policies and contracts, goods, money etc. This edition takes account of recent clarification on the law relating to floating charges and is updated in light of the overhaul of the insolvency regime. It also includes new material on subjects such as charges over cash and security over IP rights and copyright and a widely expanded precedents section and an accompanying CD of the precedents which can be adapted to your house style.

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