NBA News Update: Law School DG Renew calls for Support of Law School Advancement Office

Law School DG PROF. ISA HAYATU CHIROMA, SAN, FCIArb, FICMC has made a call to renew Support of the Law School Advancement Office.
At one of the call to bar ceremony went thus;
As reported in my November, 2018 address to the distinguished Body of
Benchers, we have continued to experience robust attempts and positive
linkages with the Alumni i.e. various classes/sets of the Nigerian Law
School, other participating stake holders and the concerned public, all these
are aimed at continuous development and sustenance of resources both
human and physical to meet the ever increasing demand of the Nigerian Law
School community.
Let me respectfully reiterate that all public academic institutions like ours
cannot depend solely on Government alone, but will always seek
interventions and assistance through structured and legitimate means.
This includes a network of “giving back” to our alma mater, contributions
from public and private sectors initiatives as well as corporate social
responsibility dynamics in form of donations, foundations, scholarships and
grants, etc.
From the foregoing, May I humbly appeal for more understanding and cooperation
from the Legal Community, Corporate Organizations, parents and
guardian as well as public spirited individuals in this very important regard.

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