NBA Legal News Update: Notice on Payment of 2022 Annual Bar Practicing Fee

Recently the NEC of the Legal body of  Nigerian Bar Association through its general secretary Dr. Rapulu Nduka announced the payment notification annual bar practicing fee though it’s the official website. Princess Legal World gathered an official letter was issued and it reads;

Dear Colleague,
As you may already be aware, the National Executive Council (“NEC”) of the Nigerian Bar Association (“NBA”), at its last NEC meeting held in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on the 16th day of December 2021, resolved that manual Bar Practicing Fee (“BPF”) payments be jettisoned. Consequently, BPF payments can only be made through the NBA Online Payment Portal, with effect from the 1st day of January 2022. Members can now make individual or group payments through the Portal.
1. Visit the NBA website:
2. On the website, locate and click on the tab “Membership” and then scroll down to “BPF Payment Portal”; or click
3. Select the individual payment option and type in your Supreme Court Number.
4. After, entering your SCN******, click “Validate“, to view your information
5. If the email or phone number displayed is inaccurate, please correct same.
6. Click “make payment” and a one-time pin (OTP) will be sent to your email address.
7. If your email address is wrong or not updated, you will not receive the OTP. Also, check your email junk/spam mails for the OTP.
8. Enter the OTP and review your information before proceeding
9. Click on “Make Payment” and follow the instructions
1. Follow the same process as above, but select the “Group Payment” option
2. Type in the SCN***** of a member of the organisation
3. Type in all other details and follow the instructions
4. Insert the name of your organization
5. Type in your valid email address
6. Click “submit”
7. An OTP email will be sent to the designated mail
8. Type in the OTP sent to your e-mail (Also check your email junk/spam mails for the OTP)
9. Type in the first Supreme Court (SC) No., click “Validate”, to view your information
10. Review and update the necessary information
11. Click on “Make Payment”
12. Click on “add more” to add another lawyer in the organization whose BPF  you wish to pay
13. Review the information and proceed
14. Click on “Make Payment”
15. Repeat the process for other lawyers within the organization
16. When through with adding more lawyers, kindly click on “Make Payment”.
17. Follow the payment instructions.
Kindly send an email to or, if you do not receive any OTP email or experience any challenge(s) in the use of the online payment portal.
For further inquiries or support call:
1. Ezekiel David – 07037000903
2. Wole Efuwape – 08035479443
3. Adewale Adebayo – 08033803724
4. Sime David-West – 08126306930
5. Glory Lawrence – 08036792832
6. Felix Mutua – 07034940105
Dr. Rapulu Nduka
Publicity Secretary,
Nigerian Bar Association
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