Butterworth’s Handbook on Immigration Law

Book Title: Butterworth’s Handbook on immigration law
Publisher Butterworths Law
Publication date 1 Sep 2006
Language English
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ISBN-10 1405710586


Now in its second edition and fully updated, ” Butterworth’s Handbook on Immigration Law ” brings together in one source book a wide range of immigration and asylum legislation. Over 1,000 pages of amended and annotated materials have been compiled in the single most comprehensive volume of UK and international legislation on immigration, asylum, refugees and associated human rights.

In compiling the Handbook, the eminent editors of ” Butterworth’s Immigration Law Service ” have taken particular account of the huge growth in EU legislation, and the fact that decisions on asylum claims are increasingly made by reference to international human rights materials. The Handbook includes up-to-date, amended texts of all relevant legislation such as the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants) Act 2004, 2005 immigration appeals Procedure Rules, Practice Direction and CPR, recent Immigration Directorate and Asylum Policy Instructions and EU Directives on Refugee Definition, Reception Conditions and Temporary Protection. Any changes introduced by the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill 2005 will be incorporated into the text.

Separate sections collect together essential EU legislation, conventions and agreements, and Council of Europe and UN materials on human rights and international law. Materials in the Handbook are based on those in “Butterworth’s Immigration Law Service”.

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