Lloyd’s on Jurisprudence


Title: Lloyd’s on Jurisprudence.

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell.

Publication date: October 23, 2008.

Language: English.

ISBN-10                0421907908


Best Sellers Rank              2088837

This is a massive introductory book with 1587 pages. Lloyd on Jurisprudence was first published more than 50 years ago and quickly became a standard textbook for students of jurisprudence. This eighth edition, by Michael Freeman, is a very up-to-date book which takes into account the views of modern jurists such as MC Murphy, Ronald Dworkin, and Richard Posner.

This book covers the fundamental ideas about law, such as “The Meaning of Law” as well as jurisprudence from outside the traditional Angl-Saxon countries. The chapter on “Scandinavian Realists” is illuminating and provides a different perspective for the student who is pondering over the idea of law as a “fact”. This edition was written with much deeper analysis than Raymond Wacks’ book, “Understanding Jurisprudence” (also recently published in its second edition, with 383 pages of text), but that is probably because the latter was intended more for students who have not read jurisprudence at all, and for them, Wacks is an excellent book. Lloyd’s is for the advanced student. It is also priced at $60 whereas Wacks is priced at $63 (both Amazon prices).


The two books would be more appropriately titled if the authors had swopped titles – Freeman’s book should be entitled “Understanding Jurisprudence” and Wacks’ should be “Introduction to Jurisprudence”.


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