Magistrates’ courts criminal practice

Title: Magistrates’ courts criminal practice

ISBN13: 9780414067325

Published:  August 2018

Publisher:  Sweet & Maxwell Ltd

Country of Publication: UK

Format:  Book & eBook Pack (ProView)




Bringing you the authority, trust and reassurance you would expect from Archbold, but designed specifically for the magistrates’ court, Archbold Magistrates’ Courts Criminal Practice 2019 arms you with all the expertise you need to successfully practice in the magistrates’ court.


Covers all criminal matters dealt with in the magistrates’ court with up-to-date case law and legislation including a brand new chapter on Recovering the Proceeds of Crime

Encompasses pre-trial issues including criminal investigations, constitution and jurisdiction and commencement of proceedings

Goes through a trial procedure

Deals not only with general criminal offences, but also contains a detailed analysis of specific offences such as sexual, property, public order, road traffic, drugs, revenue and customs, regulatory and corruption

Provides practical guidance on substantive law, showing what the prosecution must prove, defences available and examining sentencing for each offence

Includes full citation of authorities from statute and case law which can be cited in court

Features specialist coverage of youth courts, with guidance on proceedings and the regime for vulnerable witnesses

Sets out how to deal with mentally disordered offenders, showing what special arrangements apply

Provides guidelines for the award of costs in criminal proceedings

Contains updated sentencing council guidelines, pace codes of practice, criminal procedure rules and criminal practice directions for ease of reference

Ensures portability with a one-volume format, ideal for court use



Part I: Pre-Trial Issues.

Chapter 1: Criminal Investigations.

Chapter 2: Constitution and Jurisdiction.

Chapter 3: The Prosecutor and Alternatives to Prosecution;

Chapter 4: Commencement of Proceedings.

Chapter 5: Bail.

Chapter 6: Disclosure.

Chapter 7: Pre-Trial Procedure


Part II: Summary Trial.

Chapter 8: Summary Trial.

Chapter 9: Witnesses.

Chapter 10: Evidence.

Chapter 11: Challenging Decisions.


Part III: Specific Offences.

Chapter 12: General Principles.

Chapter 13: Offences of Violence.

Chapter 14: Sexual Offences.

Chapter 15: Property Offences.

Chapter 16: Public Order Offences.

Chapter 17: Road Traffic Offences.

Chapter 18: Offences Involving Drugs.

Chapter 19: Revenue and Customs Offences.

Chapter 20: Regulatory Offences.

Chapter 21: Corruption and other Offences against Public Morals and Policy and Offences against Public Justice.


Part IV: Sentencing.

Chapter 22: General Principles of Sentencing.

Chapter 23: Specific Sentences.

Chapter 24: Exclusion, Alteration and Enforcement.


Part V: Youth Courts.

Chapter 25: Jurisdictional Issues.

Chapter 26: Bail in the Youth Court.

Chapter 27: Sentencing in the Youth Court.


Part VI: Mentally Disordered Offenders.

Chapter 28: Mentally Disordered Offenders.


Part VII: Legal Aid and Costs.

Chapter 29: Legal Representation.

Chapter 30: Costs;


Part VIII: Miscellaneous Jurisdiction.

Chapter 31: Extradition;

Chapter 32: Confiscation Orders;

Chapter 33: The Forfeiture of the Proceeds of Crime


Appendix A: Pace Codes;

Appendix B: Disclosure Code of Practice;

Appendix C: Attorney General’s Guidelines;

Appendix D: Judicial Protocol on the Disclosure of Unused Material in Criminal Cases;

Appendix E: Guidance issued by the Director of Public Prosecutions;

Appendix F: Criminal Practice Directions;

Appendix G: Criminal Procedure Rules;

Appendix H: Sentencing Council Allocation Guideline


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