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No 1 Law Books Sellers in Nigeria interviewed Barrister Chimaobi Adiele: Multichoice solicitors, a firm for legal practice
Barrister chimaobi Adiele runs the prestigious Multichoice solicitors, a firm for legal practice. A successful man of many hats; A lawyer by profession, a politician and a chieftain, the ”Onu ne kwuru oha 1” of agbokwu kingdom
In this interview he tells us about his passion for his profession, what life is being a lawyer and how to be a good one. Enjoy the except.
Barrister chimaobi Adiele: Multichoice solicitors, a firm for legal practice

Q1: Tell us about your journey into law.

A1: It’s a long one, I didn’t just become a lawyer by studying law. Somethings played out before I studied law. In primary school, I was always the ”peace maker”. When there was a quarrel people relied on me to state a true account of what happened. Then I didn’t have the intention to be a lawyer, not even in secondary school. I was thinking of studying medicine or any literature related course because I was a fan of Chinua Achebe’s books, so I was thinking of becoming one of the great Authors.
At a point I narrowed down to Economics and Agricultural science but before going to the university, I delved into business and had closer contact with the society, my thought process changed and I started rooting for law because I found myself writing so many agreements and I was really good at it. Based on that my father started calling me a lawyer to I zeroed down to study law at Amadu Bello University Zaria, went to Law school and became a lawyer.

Q2: Why did you opt for law as a career?

A2: Law is intellectually fulfilling, if you have a soft spot for justice and and fight for the people; the first thing that will come to your mind is to become a lawyer. I saw being a lawyer as an instrument to fight the wrongs in the society. Also those times we started reading literatures  about lawyers like Gani Fawehinmi and other human right activists lawyers; what they did inspired me into becoming a lawyer.

Q3: What are the challenges you encountered in law school and how did you over come them?

A3: There wasn’t much challenges in law school, except that it is a crash program, a review place of what you did in 5 years within 9 months and you write exams to know if you are satisfactory or not. So you’ll be busy writing lots of notes. A typical day starts early in the morning and end in the evening and any day you miss in law school looks like tomorrow will be lost again. The day after you’ll go for court attachment, you’ll go for bar attachment; all these within 9 months and you must show that you are fit to be called to Nigerian Bar. It wasn’t an easy thing so I learnt to take things one day at a time.- Barrister chimaobi Adiele: Multichoice solicitors

Q4: Now as a professional lawyer what has been the challenging point of your career?

A4: The society expect so much from you and you have to live above board and you have to balance what you do with what the society expects from you; to show the society that you merit being a lawyer. So you have to be conscious that you are a lawyer; so everyday you have to pray that you have integrity, that you are honesty and that you have to deliver good services to your clients.

Q5: What area of law interest you the most?

A5: One area I have soft spot for is corporate practice. It involves advising companies on transactions, what they need to do and not to do and make sure they are in good standing.

Q6: What are the qualities of a good lawyer?

A6: A good lawyer must have good and strong communication skills, because you will be required to present the case of your clients properly and in a way that will get judgement for your clients.
Any one who is a good lawyer must be honest and must have integrity because the profession requires honesty. Creative must reflect in what they do, they must be transparent and humble. A good lawyer must be a good researcher because writing and reading is key to the profession. He/she must be versatile. These are the reason why a client will want to engage you.

Q7: What is the most important to your job as a lawyer?

A7: Good health is important to me. I need to be healthy while I’m working, so I make out time to take care of my health. My integrity is important to me. I have to be honest with you and make sure that anything I tell you, anywhere you go to, it will be the same thing they will tell you. Its also important to me to deliver my work according to the timeline

Q8:Tell us about your firm. 

A8: My firm is called ”Multi-choice  solicitors”. Its a firm for legal practice. I have 3 partners and so many lawyers working for us. The firm came on board in 2006 and have remained in existence till date. We have delved into several practice areas, we are increasing and we train.

Q9: Tell us about your library. 

A9: We have a very rich library. Well I won’t say its the best in the world but we have gotten to the point where we are investing so much on our library day by day to bring it to the point where it has become a reference point because we always strive to be the very best.

Q10: How do you see us at Princess Legal World Limited? No 1 Law Books Sellers in Nigeria?

A10: I will call Princess Legal World Limited a resource center because it has all it takes for lawyers to build their library. It’s a one stop legal shop and a dependable legal partner to lawyers. In fact it’s a dependable life partner of  lawyers because the way Princess Legal World Limited is structured, it captures a lawyer from when you are a law student to when you are in law school and to when you are starting practice or when you are doing any other thing relating to law, Princess Legal World Limited captures everything both in physical books and eBooks. To me Princess Legal World Limited has what it takes to be a leader in legal resources. In fact, Princess Legal is one of the best law books sellers in Nigeria

Q11: Which law book from Princess Legal World Limited (Best Law Books Sellers in Nigeria) has been most helpful to your work?

A11: Every book that I need for my work now comes from Princess Legal World Limited especially foreign law books because that is where I go and buy foreign books at very affordable prices. In fact my first encounter with Princess Legal World Limited was when I needed a book on maritime. I have checked several shops but I couldn’t get it; the moment I got into the company I was asking myself where I have been all these while, and I have known this company for a very long time. Everything I needed was inside the shop.

Q12: What will you say to your colleagues and up coming lawyers about Princess Legal World Limited – Best Law Books Sellers in Nigeria?

A12: There is a proverb that says ”once you start digging and you find gold, there is no need digging again”. So the moment you enter Princess Legal World Limited; there is no point going elsewhere, because everything you need is there. So my advise to my colleagues is that they should look up to Princess Legal World in terms of legal challenges relating to resources, they have it.
My advise to lawyers is that law requires a lot of patience, it requires a lot of consistency in what they are doing. Law is not a place you go onetime and get everything you want. It requires everyday work, so they should try to be honest, patient and show much integrity in what they are doing because that is what people will assess you with and it is very important.

Thank you Barrister chimaobi Adiele: Multichoice solicitors.
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