The law of sewers and drains By Jack Garner (Review)

Title: The law of sewers and drains

Author: Jack Garner
ISBN13: 9780721905846
ISBN: 0721905846
New Edition ISBN: 9780414044951
Published: April 2004
Publisher: Shaw & Sons Ltd
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback
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The law relating to sewers and drains is one of the most obscure subjects in the Statute Book. The purpose of this well established work, first published over 50 years ago, is to bring into focus the complexities of sanitary legislation and extract a set of harmonious principles. In so doing, it approaches the subject in a clear and straightforward manner, and draws particular attention to matters of practical difficulty.
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This new edition takes account of the large number of legislative changes and developments in case law since August 1995. These include the establishment of the Environment Agency; provisions of the Water Act 2003 that will reshape arrangements for regulation of the water industry and extend the responsibility of sewerage undertakers for lateral drains; and important case law on such topics as the tort liability of sewerage undertakers, the interpretation and application of relevant provisions of the Water Industry Act 1991 and the water pollution offences under the Water Resources Act 1991.
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The title of this eighth edition has been amended to include the name of the book’s creator, the late Professor Jack Garner, who compiled each previous edition. Professor Steph
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