The Poll: what should be the appropriate punishment for rape in Nigeria?

Rape is a forced, unwanted sexual intercourse; it is sometimes also called sexual assault, which can happen to both men and women

In recent times, there is hardly a day when reports of rape or sexual molestation do not make the pages of Nigerian newspapers. But the manner victims are now killed after the crimes are committed is now leaving Nigerians more horrified with several protests against this heinous crime our correspondent went out to ask Nigerians ”what should be the appropriate punishment for rape in Nigeria?”

Mrs. Omobolanle Balogun, a fabric marchant in Lagos island is of the opinion that the appropriate punishment should be castration that is to cut off such suspect’s manhood. In her words ‘most rape victims don’t ever recover, some of them have been killed in the process. A man who rapes and kills someone, what is he doing in this world other than to rape people. Its best to cut off his organ’
Mrs. Margaret Olutayo is also of the opinion to castrate such suspect however she advised that the matter be properly investigated in her words
‘My friend’s response is totally in line with my opinion …. *However the genuineness of the matter should be well established* to avoid “I will deal with him” case of failed romance.’.
Mr. Chijioke an artist opined that combo of castration, isolation and hard labour, should be the appropriate punishment for rape offenders, he also advised that parents should not wait for the children to be victims of this crimes that parents have to protect their daughters period !
Dr. Carol Obi a lecturer in one of the Nigerian universities objected vehemently to life imprisonment because so long as the organ responsible for the crime is with them in prison they will still commit the crimes. She opined that the Nigerian Senate should follow in the steps of their Kenyan counterpart to pass a bill of surgical castration for anyone convicted of rape crime. In her opinion such process his body the offenders mind and body of the crime.
We can tell that Nigerian do not want jail terms or bail options but outright castration for anyone convicted of rape crime.

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